Selection of Emma’s Talks

July 2023 Keynote OHBM2023 slides talk

Nov 2022 Keynote - GeoMedIA 22 - Geometric Deep Learning for Cortical Imaging - opportunities and recent research (talk starts at ~ 1hr 7 mins into YouTube recording)

Sep 2021 McGill Feindel Virtual Brain and Mind Lecture Series - Precision modelling of individual cortical organisation and its links with cognition and neuropsychiatric disease (requires sign up for the web platform)

Sep 2021 Machine Learning for Clinical Neuroimaging (MLCN) - Panel discussion

Jan 2020 Risk Institute Machine-learning Workshop, University of Liverpool Analysing cortical organisation and its relation to cognition: A machine learning & discrete optimization approach (tutorial on how to use MSM and use cortical surface imaging data)

Aug 2019 FITʼNG In: Establishing Best Practices for Infant NeuroImaging FLUX congress , New York - The Developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP): the power of Big Data (overview of the dHCP second data release)

May 2018 Big Data Little Brain’s, Flux Satellite Conference, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: - The Developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP): Towards a dynamic map of evolving brain connectivity, reflecting fetal and early neonatal periods

March 2018 Imperial College, Department of Computing, Machine Learning Tutorial Series - The symbiotic relationship between neuroscience and machine learning