Group Members

We are always looking for new students (PhD and MSc/MEng) and post-docs to join the team (see openings)

Principal Investigators

Dr. Emma Robinson


    Title: Senior Lecturer in Medical Image Computing
    Expertise: Cortical Surface Processing, Image Registration and Analysis, Machine Learning

Dr. Maria Deprez


    Title: Senior Lecturer in Medical Imaging
    Expertise: Motion Correction of Fetal MRI, Image Registration and Segmentation, Spatiotemporal Atlases, Machine Learning

Research Associates

Dr. Irina Grigorescu


    Education: PhD in Biomedical Engineering
    Research: Deep learning for motion correction of fetal MRI

Dr. Mohamed Suliman


    Education: PhD in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    Research: Deep learning algorithms for precision registration of multimodal brain scans

Dr. Arnaud Boutillon


    Education: PhD in Medical Image Analysis
    Research: Brain conductivity measurements and 3D+T fetal cardiac MRI

Research Software Engineers

Dr. Renato Besenczi


    Education: PhD in Computer Science
    Research: Cortical Surface Registration for Translational Neuroimaging

PhD Students

Abdulah Fawaz


    Education: BA, MSc, MRes in Quantum Physics & Quantum Computing
    Project: Geometric deep learning methods for the neonatal cortical surface

Suryava Bhattacharya


    Education: MEng in Biomedical Engineering
    Project: Quantitative mapping of developing fetal organs using dynamic MRI and artificial neural networks

Lindsay Munroe


    Education: BSc Mathematics, MSc Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science
    Project: Mining for iron in the brain - a deep learning approach

Mariana Da Silva


    Education: BSc, MSc in Biomedical Engineering & Biophysics
    Project: Building sensitive models of cognition using interpretable deep learning

Logan Williams


    Education: BSc Biomedical Science, BMedSc(Hons) Neonatal Medicine, MBChB
    Project: Multimodal cortical parcellation in the UK Biobank

Yilan Dong


    Education: BSc in Biomedical Engineering, MSc Healthcare Technologies
    Project: Machine learning to uncover the early origins of neurodevelopmental disorders

Hai Le


    Education: BSc Neuroscience
    Project: Characterising abnormal early brain development and links to neuropsychiatric disorders using diffusion MRI and machine learning

Simon Dahan


    Education: MEng Computer Science, MSc in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    Project: Spatiotemporal deep learning on cortical fMRI data to predict brain states for preterm infants.

Paula Ramirez Gilliland


    Education: MPhys Physics & Astrophysics, University of Sussex
    Project: Deep learning for diagnosis of congenital heart disease in fetus using MRI and ultrasound.

Zhenshan Xie


    Education: BEng Communication Engineering
    Project: Predicting Onset of Dementia through Flow-Based Generative modeling

Diego Fajardo Rojas


    Education: BSc, MSc Mathematics
    Project: Predicting preterm birth from MRI using deep learning

Yourong Guo


    Education: BEng, MEng in Biomedical Engineering
    Project: Focal cortical dysplasias detection in childhood epilepsy

Saga Masui


    Education: BSc in Physics & Philosophy
    Project: Generative modelling of microstructural development of the cerebral cortex

Helena Sousa


    Education: BSc, MSc in Biomedical Engineering & Biophysics
    Project: Using deep learning to explore fetal brain development

Jiaxin Xiao


    Education: BSc in Biological Sciences, MRes in Medical Imaging Sciences
    Project: Normative modeling of fetal cortical development

Aakash Saboo


    Education: BTech in Industrial Engineering
    Project: Deep generative models of fetal brain development

MSc/MEng Students


Dr. Cher Bass

Research Associate

    Education: PhD in Neurotechnology
    Project: Predicting biomarkers of cognitive function from brain magnetic resonance imaging data

Dr. Alena Uus

Research Associate

    Education: PhD in Information Engineering
    Project: Motion compensation and blood flow reconstruction for fetal MRI and registration for neonatal diffusion MRI

Previous MSc/MEng & BSc/BEng Students

MSc/MEng Students

Ezequiel Ortiz (2020)

Alison Leahy (2021)

Georgina Petropoulou (2021)

BSc/BEng Students

Shaheim Ogbomo-Harmitt (2020)

Asmin Alam (2021)

Weiwei Qian (2021)